OR Armor

OR Armor® Trauma Table Sheet

Protects all surfaces of the OR Table
Controls Fluids in Fluid Intense Cases
Comprehensive Table Protection in One System
Protects Table Controls and Electronics
Simplifies Room Turnover Process in Trauma
Reduces Fall Risk
Best Possible Protection Solution for C-Sections
Like having an umbrella, raincoat and goloshes for your OR
• 360 Degree Ring of Protection for OR Tables
• Protects All Parts of the OR Table
• Reinforced Sealed Seams
• Adjustable Absorbent Cuff Section
• Super Absorbent Surfaces
• 7X More Absorbent Surface Area than
Traditional OR Table Sheets • 800% Greater Absorbent Capacity than
Traditional OR Table Sheets
• Designed for OR Tables
• Decreases Staff Exposure to Infectious Materials
• Malleable Bars on side cuffs allow custom contour
• Allows for Armboard and patient safety strap
attachment on top of sheet