L & D Bed Protection


Convenient Removal

  • In-Stirrup Removal: Can be removed while the patient is in stirrups, ensuring the patient remains on a clean, dry sheet after delivery.

Speeds Post-Delivery Clean-Up

  • Quick Clean-Up: Facilitates faster and more efficient clean-up after delivery.

Adhesive Strip

  • Easy Attachment: Adhesive strip securely attaches to the table sheet or protection pad, preventing movement.

Effective Fluid Absorption

  • Fluid Containment: Absorbs and contains fluid within the pad, keeping the table and floor clean.

Easy Post-Delivery Removal

  • Hassle-Free: Easily released and removed post-delivery for a streamlined process.

Reduces Contaminated Linen Handling

  • Minimizes Handling: Substantially reduces the need to handle contaminated linens, enhancing hygiene and safety.


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