Intubation Armor™

Intubation Armor™ #7000-6060

Protection products is pleased to welcome the newest edition to our OR Armor® line-up of products designed for Infection Prevention. The Intubation Armor™ was designed because clinicians were asking for a quality, cost effective product they could use when caring for COVID-19 patients.

A single-use, disposable, clear flexible poly drape intended to protect staff and the environment during Aerosol Generating Procedures (AGP) such as tracheal intubation or extubation. Can be used with or without other shielding

Key Features & Benefits

✓ Intuitively designed for quick adoption and utilization by clinicians
✓ Reduces risk posed to the clinical team from critical aerosol generating procedures
✓ Designed to be used as a drape or as a tent to contain droplets or aerosols
✓ Allows easy and rapid access to patients without restricting hand and arm movements
✓ Generous zone of coverage to avoid direct or indirect splatter to clinicians
✓ Clear, see-through design allows for direct visualization
✓ Cost effective solution for infection prevention
✓ Single use, allowing for less time spent cleaning other rigid shielding devices
✓ Answers a key clinical need for clinicians

Technical Specs

✓ 60”x 60” clear poly drape
✓ Non-sterile
✓ 4 mil thick
✓ Individually packaged in a heatsealed bag
✓ Disposable/Single use
✓ 20/case