Reduces slip & trip hazards

Bilingual warnings

Skid resistant with poly backing

Made in the USA

Stock Items Ship in 3-5 business days


  • Provides a Visual Warning – fall zones

  • Bilingual Warnings

  • Reduces slip and trip hazards

  • Available in both Rolls and Precut sizes

  • Absorbs from top and bottom without Poly Backing

  • Skid resistant with Poly Backing, apply to Dry Floors only

  • Useful in multiple locations – EVS, OR, LDS, ER/ED, Scrub Sinks 

Green Mats

  • Largest variety of options available

  • Absorbs all types of fluid – universal absorbent

  • Backed and Unbacked

  • Available in Heavy Wt. or Medium Wt.

  • Single Use

Grey and Camo Mats

  • Must economical

  • Recycled

  • Absorbs any type of fluids

  • Backed and Unbacked

  • Single Use

White Mats

  • Absorbs any type of fluids

  • Highly absorbent cellulose

  • Soft & thick, made of Natural Fibers

  • Single Use

Blue Mats

  • Thin profile

  • Impervious, Poly Backed

  • Absorbs any type of fluids

  • Single Use

  • Many lengths available

  • Light Wt Absorbency


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