PPI is Focused on Infection Prevention

Founded in 1988, PPI was the first company to manufacture and sell an OR Turnover Kit that is now a standard feature in many hospitals and surgical centers. Today, PPI is still your first choice for fast, efficient turnaround on the turnover kits that improve your facility’s productivity while protecting your staff according to the highest safety and infection control standards.

Contact PPI any time you need an OR Turnover, Labor and Delivery, Emergency Room, Cardiac Catheterization, or your own custom-designed kit and components delivered fast. If you order a sample before 11 am EST, we’ll send it out to you the same day.




Million Kits Sold Annually

Average Employee Tenure (Months)

Years in Business

Our Expertise

1 reported employee incident in 9855 days of business

  • Safety 100% 100%

Reported product defects/products shipped annually 0.177%

  • Quality 98.83% 98.83%

Since 2013 PPI has enjoyed substantial customer growth

  • Growth Rate 40% 40%

99.5% customer retention rate after 5 years!

  • Customer Retention 99.5% 99.5%

We’re still selling to our very first customer from 1988!

The Team

Jeff Hale
Jeff Hale


Linette Lang
Linette Lang

Office Manager

Steve Luman
Steve Luman

Director of Marketing

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